Arts Committee


The JCCC Art committee is a volunteer committee comprised of a JCCC Board member, JCCC volunteers, and a staff member, all whom have an interest or expertise in art.

The Art Committee is committed to multi-disciplinary programming encompassing visual arts, design, performing arts, and literature and encourages interdisciplinary work, collaboration, dialogue, and education. This committee's responsibilities include the selection, curation, and administration of exhibits in the 2,500 square foot gallery on the main floor as well as art exhibits that may be showcased in the Heritage Nikkei Wing and Heritage Lounge cases.



  • Katherine Yamashita
  • Peter Wakayama
  • Kathy Okawara
  • Hitoshi Murakami
  • Jane Nakagawa
  • Katherine Adachi
  • Doug LeClerc
  • Jimmy Chong
  • Lois Fuse
  • Mui-Ling Teh
  • Joy Takahashi
  • Marianne Seuss
  • Lynn Bonk
  • Cary Rothbart
  • Vivian Tam
  • Regan Takenaka

Exhibitions and Programs