Martial Arts

All of the martial arts programs operated at the JCCC are affiliated with Japan, and are recognized by Martial Arts federations on both national and international levels. Over the six decades of its operation, we have produced winners and international competitors. Our instructors do much more than teach skills and techniques - they educate students in the tradition and discipline associated with these sports. Classes are catered to different skill levels and age groups. Class observation is recommended before registering for those who are not familiar with Martial Arts.

Starting Martial Arts

Martial Arts Programs Offered to JCCC Members

Aikido class demonstration


Martial Arts

Aikido’s founder (or Kaiso), Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969), “the great master”, was a Japanese soldier and philosopher.

Jodo class


Martial Arts

“The Way of the Staff”. Jodo, a Japanese art of the staff, is designed to defend against someone with a sword. Its spirit

Karate Class


Martial Arts

Shito-Ryu Itosu-Kai is one of the main karate styles from Japan. Like all martial arts, karate is physically and mentally demanding.

Kendo Class


Martial Arts

“The Way of the Sword,” Kendo, is the Japanese art of fencing based on the techniques of the two-handed sword of the samurai.