KOKUBAN is a monthly e-publication which highlights the work of the JCCC community and the Japanese Canadian community at large, covering topics from heritage treasures to stories about the Nikkei experience.

Volume 4, Issue 11

  • Sedai Features: Harold Yutaka Yoneyama – Farming and Farm Organizations in the Fraser Valley
  • Japanese Canadian Shops & Landmarks: Sanko Trading Co. Original Location at 221 Spadina Ave. by Daria Murphy

Volume 4, Issue 10

  • Sedai Features: Jean Peasah (née Kobayashi) - A Social Worker's Perspective
  • Unchanging and changing and changing: An interview with Alexa Kumiko Hatanaka

Volume 4, Issue 09

  • Sedai Features: John Uchikata and the Early Days of the JC Community in Toronto
  • Japanese Canadian Shops & Landmarks: The Prince Hotel Feature by Daria Murphy

Volume 4, Issue 08

  • Sedai Features: Sid Ikeda - The Japanese Canadian Centennial 
  • Celebrating 45 years of Hula: Meet the Head Instructor of JCCC's Ohana Hula

Volume 4, Issue 07

  • Sedai Features: Josie Yoshioka (nee Yano) - Growing Up in Vancouver, BC in the 1930s
  • Japanese Canadian Shops & Landmarks: The New Canadian Newspaper Offices Feature by Daria Murphy

Volume 4, Issue 06

  • Sedai Features: Sono Sugie (nee Oyakawa) – Issei Parents from Okinawa
  • Enemy Lines: Interview with Mayumi Lashbrook

Volume 4, Issue 05

  • Sedai Features: Dr. Henry Sugiyama - Career in Medicine 
  • Japanese Canadian Shops & Landmarks: Nikko Gardens Feature by Daria Murphy  

Volume 4, Issue 04

  • Sedai Features: Marty Kobayashi – Growing Up at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre 
  • Full Circle  

Volume 4, Issue 03

  • Sedai Features: Tom Takashima – Japanese Canadian Family Prior to WWII 
  • Japanese Canadian Shops & Landmarks: Furuya Trading Company Feature by Daria Murphy 

Volume 4, Issue 02

  • Sedai Features: Raymond Moriyama - Justice, Education & Inclusion in Architecture  
  • Suian Maru Immigrants written by Yuki Nakamura 

Volume 4, Issue 01

  • Sedai Features: Susan Suzuyo Hidaka - The First Female Board of Director of the JCCC  
  • Japanese Canadian Shops & Landmarks: Seaway Hotel Feature by Daria Murphy 
  • New Year Celebration: Presentation by Yosh Inouye

Volume 3, Issue 12

  • Sedai Features: Hisako Shin Shinkoda – Decorating Christmas Trees   
  • Ringing in the New Year with Food and Family Traditions 
  • Thank You for another successful Keep the Lantern Lit Fundraiser!

Volume 3, Issue 11

  • Sedai Features: Geri Shiozaki – Taking a Small Flame and Built it into a Bonfire (Issei Parents)  
  • Japanese Canadian Shops & Landmarks 

Volume 3, Issue 10

  • Sedai Features: Tom Nishio – Joining the Canadian Armed Force during WWII 
  • The JCCC: A Vision for Growth

Volume 3, Issue 9

  • Sedai Features: Umeko Kuba – Running a Store in Steveston, BC
  • Significance of the JCCC’s Community by Chelsea Giannico 

Volume 3, Issue 8

  • Sedai Features: Kay Fujiwara – My Brother, Tak Toyota
  • Can Summer be a Spine-Chilling Season?

Volume 3, Issue 7

  • Sedai Features: Josie Yano Yoshioka – Higher Education After Being Interned at Tashme
  • お日さまファーム/Ohisama Farm: Bento Made with Care

Volume 3, Issue 6

  • Sedai Features: Fumi Kono – “When Your Family’s Together, You Don’t Worry” (East Lillooet) 
  • Toronto Buddhist Church and the JCCC Bring Back LIVE Bon Odori Festival: An Interview with Eleanor McAnsh
  • Toronto Japanese Garden Club Marks 70 Year Anniversary

Volume 3, Issue 5

  • Sedai Features: Mary and Marie Ikeda – Sumi-e Masters, Marjorie Pigott and Ruth Yamada
  • Women of Change: Celebrating Japanese Canadian Leaders
  • Appreciating Japanese Arts and Culture - An Interview with Neli Iordanova

Volume 3, Issue 4

  • Sedai Features: Dorothy Toshiye Tanaka – Evacuated to the Countryside from Osaka, Japan
  • Hanami (花見) at the JCCC
  • Spring… Cherry Blossoms… Sakura Mochi 春がくると、花を愛でながらにいただきたいのは、桜もち
  • The Art of Kintsugi

Volume 3, Issue 3

  • Sedai Features: Nana Nishimura – My Mother, Tomi Nishimura
  • Women in Budo – An Interview with Kyudo Head Instructor, Mie Takahashi-Sensei
  • Interview with Aki Takahashi, a core member of Nagata Shachu
  • Hatsumi Nancy (Hashimoto) Okura
  • The Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011

Volume 3, Issue 2

  • Sedai Features: Joe Ohori – Developing Ski Tourism in Canada
  • Photos from a 1960’s Nisei Curling Club Banquet, Toronto
  • Online Sapporo Snow Festival 2022 / オンラインさっぽろ雪まつり2022

Volume 3, Issue 1

  • Sedai Features: Arthur Hiroshi Ikeda – Cooking New Year Food for Family
  • Fold with us!
  • Toronto Mouko-kai / トロント猛虎会
  • From the JCCC’s Archives
  • New Year’s Festival (Oshogatsukai お正月会)
  • Kimiko’s Pearl


Volume 2, Issue 12

  • Sedai Features: Frank Tadao Shimada – Kame Jii-Chan's Christmas and New Years at a Bustling Coffee Shop
  • Holiday Cheer From the Archives! 
  • 無病息災を願っていただく新年のお茶 / Special New Year’s Tea for Wellbeing

Volume 2, Issue 11

  • Sedai Features: Nori Kanashiro – Okinawan Community in Lethbridge, Alberta
  •    A Brief Look Into the History of the Ryukyu Kingdom (Present Day Okinawa) Interview with Toronto Kyuyokai Okinawa Kenjinkai / 沖縄県人会インタビュー記事  

Volume 2, Issue 10

  • Sedai Features: Masako Okawara – "We Made Eight Dollars!” Women Volunteers’ Experience of Fundraising in the 1960’s.
  • Keep the Lantern Lit Fundraiser Artisans
  • Japanese Canadian Survivor Survey 

Volume 2, Issue 9

  • Sedai Features: Toshitsugu Ted Nishi - Mushroom Farming in Ontario
  • Mush-Mush…. MUSHROOMS! Welcoming JCCC members to Maru: Immigration Stories

Volume 2, Issue 8

  • Sedai Features: Laiko Matsubayashi - Japanese Canadian Issei Women Entrepreneur
  • 日系移民の歴史を知るチャンス!

Volume 2, Issue 7

  • Roman Hatashita: Former Canadian Olympian and a lifelong Judoka
  • Sedai Features: Kei Tsumura – Japanese Canadians in Sports
  • Nyl Yakura: Badminton
  • Shady El Nahas: Olympic Games Judoka from the JCCC Judo Kai
  • Mr. K. Ishii: Olympic Games Reflections: Catering for 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games to Now

Volume 2, Issue 6

  • Sedai Features: Hisako Shin Shinkoda – Kika-Nisei
  • Sedai Features (bonus video!): Masako Okawara – Odori
  • The New Japanese Canadian Association (NJCA) Toy Project – Its beginning and history
  • 新移住者協会(NJCA)日本玩具プロジェクト – その始まりと歴史

Volume 2, Issue 5

  • Sedai Features: Bob and Shirley Takagi – Caravan Festival in Toronto
  • Asian Heritage Month Feature: Home and Native Land(s)
  • Want to know more about Kenjinkai! 県人会!もっと知りたい

Volume 2, Issue 4

  • Sedai Features: Tak Yoshida – Post-war Tokyo and 1960’s Canada
  • Asian Heritage Month Feature: Interview with Filmmaker Alice Shin and Producer Eiko Kawabe Brown
  • Japan Ports - Yokohama, Yokosuka and Kobe 横浜港、横須賀港、神戸港

Volume 2, Issue 3

  • Sedai Features: Stony Wakayama – Growing up on a Farm in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia
  • Let’s go to Brazil by Su Yen Chong
  • The Many Colours of Cherry Blossoms 桜色々

Volume 2, Issue 2

  • Sedai Features: Margaret Lyons – Early Career in Broadcasting
  • Maru: Immigration Stories - Choosing Artifacts and Photographs for a New Exhibit
  • Support Our Kids Homestay Program 東日本大震災被災児童自立支援プロジェクト

Volume 2, Issue 1

  • Sedai Features: Jean Nobuko Nagata – Returning to Canada After WWII
  • Archaeology of History and Memory: Interview with Nikkei Artist Erica Kaminishi
  • Chance to win a Daruma! - Let’s welcome spring and ward off bad spirit with Setsubun
  • We Need Your Help! - Letter from Mary to Harold Takayesu


Volume 1, Issue 8

  • Sedai Feature: Kinzie Tanaka – 84 Gerrard Street (A Hub for Nisei Progressives)
  • Bonus Sedai Feature: Kunio Suyama Celebrating Christmas and New Year's!
  • Nikkei Stories: Mary's Letter to Harold
  • Hatsuhinode (First Dawn) and Hatsumode (First Shrine Visit) 初日の出と初詣

Volume 1, Issue 7

  • Sedai Features: Integration of Schools in Steveston, BC
  • 1st International Symposium on Japanese Immigration Museums
  • Encounter with Koto – Interview with Linda Kakō Caplan
  • The Season of Flavours - Delicate Ingredients in Japanese Cooking 味覚の秋 – 繊細な日本の食材

Volume 1, Issue 6

  • Remembrance Day
  • Sedai Feature: Minoru Yatabe - A World War II Veteran
  • Then, Now and the Future - Getting to Know Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre (Burnaby, B.C.)
  • Fall Colour Viewing in Japan 日本の秋の風景

Volume 1, Issue 5

  • Japanese Canadians Working in Sawmills: Interview with Roy Honda Learning to Love
  • Interview with Filmmaker Anne Koizumi

Volume 1, Issue 4

  • Nikkei Stories: Colonia Hirano, Brazil
  • 40th Anniversary of JCCC Karaoke Club
  • Take Me Out to the Fireworks! おうちで花火鑑賞

Volume 1, Issue 3

  • Vacationing From Home / おうち旅をしてみませんか?
  • Sedai Interview: Schooling in Pre-War Vancouver
  • The JCCC Archives Need Your Help!

Volume 1, Issue 2

  • Living Legacy: Aiko Murakami
  • Sedai Interview: Schooling in the internment camps
  • Let's Paprika: Little Hearts for a Big Movement

Volume 1, Issue 1

  • School Bells: Ring! Ring! Ring!
  • Coping with Isolation: A Musician's Perspective
  • Maia's Heritage Project