KOKUBAN is a monthly e-publication which highlights the work of the JCCC community and the Japanese Canadian community at large, covering topics from heritage treasures to stories about the Nikkei experience.

Volume 5, Issue 6

  • Sedai Features: Harold Miwa – Baseball dreams delayed 
  • Japanese Canadian Architect Spotlight: Bruce Kuwabara & The Gardiner Museum of Ceramics, by Daria Murphy

Volume 5, Issue 5

  • Stronger together: The fight for inclusion for Asian workers in the British Columbia labour movement 

Volume 5, Issue 4

  • Sedai Features: David Azuma – Kika-Nisei returning to post-war Toronto 
  • A Community Sports Hub: Japanese Canadian Curling in the 1960s, by Hajjar Radayedeh  

Volume 5, Issue 3

  • Sedai Features: Elsie Toguri -- Remembering Midori Iwasaki, manager of Tairiku Nippon
  • Japanese Canadian Architect Spotlight: Raymond Moriyama & The Pavilion at Edwards Gardens, by Daria Murphy

Volume 5, Issue 2

  • Sedai Features: Frank Moritsugu – Prefectural dialects and nisei nihongo in pre-war Kitsilano
  • “The goal isn’t to become fluent, the goal is to reconnect”: An interview with Christopher Gradin 

Volume 5, Issue 1

  • Sedai Features: Henry Shimizu - Painting Memories and Winter Sports in New Denver
  • Japanese Canadian Shops & Landmarks: Travel Tours in the New Canadian for Expo 70, by Daria Murphy

Volume 4, Issue 12

  • Sedai Features: Eleanor Maruno - Christmas and New Year's Preparations in Vancouver
  • Addendum to Sanko Trading Article from the November issue
  • Sannosuke Maikawa: Tracing a Japanese Canadian family from Powell Street and beyond by Madelynn Jones and Elisabeth Jordan

Volume 4, Issue 11

  • Sedai Features: Harold Yutaka Yoneyama – Farming and Farm Organizations in the Fraser Valley
  • Japanese Canadian Shops & Landmarks: Sanko Trading Co. Original Location at 221 Spadina Ave. by Daria Murphy

Volume 4, Issue 10

  • Sedai Features: Jean Peasah (née Kobayashi) - A Social Worker's Perspective
  • Unchanging and changing and changing: An interview with Alexa Kumiko Hatanaka

Volume 4, Issue 09

  • Sedai Features: John Uchikata and the Early Days of the JC Community in Toronto
  • Japanese Canadian Shops & Landmarks: The Prince Hotel Feature by Daria Murphy

Volume 4, Issue 08

  • Sedai Features: Sid Ikeda - The Japanese Canadian Centennial 
  • Celebrating 45 years of Hula: Meet the Head Instructor of JCCC's Ohana Hula

Volume 4, Issue 07

  • Sedai Features: Josie Yoshioka (nee Yano) - Growing Up in Vancouver, BC in the 1930s
  • Japanese Canadian Shops & Landmarks: The New Canadian Newspaper Offices Feature by Daria Murphy

Volume 4, Issue 06

  • Sedai Features: Sono Sugie (nee Oyakawa) – Issei Parents from Okinawa
  • Enemy Lines: Interview with Mayumi Lashbrook

Volume 4, Issue 05

  • Sedai Features: Dr. Henry Sugiyama - Career in Medicine 
  • Japanese Canadian Shops & Landmarks: Nikko Gardens Feature by Daria Murphy  

Volume 4, Issue 04

  • Sedai Features: Marty Kobayashi – Growing Up at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre 
  • Full Circle  

Volume 4, Issue 03

  • Sedai Features: Tom Takashima – Japanese Canadian Family Prior to WWII 
  • Japanese Canadian Shops & Landmarks: Furuya Trading Company Feature by Daria Murphy 

Volume 4, Issue 02

  • Sedai Features: Raymond Moriyama - Justice, Education & Inclusion in Architecture  
  • Suian Maru Immigrants written by Yuki Nakamura 

Volume 4, Issue 01

  • Sedai Features: Susan Suzuyo Hidaka - The First Female Board of Director of the JCCC  
  • Japanese Canadian Shops & Landmarks: Seaway Hotel Feature by Daria Murphy 
  • New Year Celebration: Presentation by Yosh Inouye

Volume 3, Issue 12

  • Sedai Features: Hisako Shin Shinkoda – Decorating Christmas Trees   
  • Ringing in the New Year with Food and Family Traditions 
  • Thank You for another successful Keep the Lantern Lit Fundraiser!

Volume 3, Issue 11

  • Sedai Features: Geri Shiozaki – Taking a Small Flame and Built it into a Bonfire (Issei Parents)  
  • Japanese Canadian Shops & Landmarks 

Volume 3, Issue 10

  • Sedai Features: Tom Nishio – Joining the Canadian Armed Force during WWII 
  • The JCCC: A Vision for Growth

Volume 3, Issue 9

  • Sedai Features: Umeko Kuba – Running a Store in Steveston, BC
  • Significance of the JCCC’s Community by Chelsea Giannico 

Volume 3, Issue 8

  • Sedai Features: Kay Fujiwara – My Brother, Tak Toyota
  • Can Summer be a Spine-Chilling Season?

Volume 3, Issue 7

  • Sedai Features: Josie Yano Yoshioka – Higher Education After Being Interned at Tashme
  • お日さまファーム/Ohisama Farm: Bento Made with Care

Volume 3, Issue 6

  • Sedai Features: Fumi Kono – “When Your Family’s Together, You Don’t Worry” (East Lillooet) 
  • Toronto Buddhist Church and the JCCC Bring Back LIVE Bon Odori Festival: An Interview with Eleanor McAnsh
  • Toronto Japanese Garden Club Marks 70 Year Anniversary

Volume 3, Issue 5

  • Sedai Features: Mary and Marie Ikeda – Sumi-e Masters, Marjorie Pigott and Ruth Yamada
  • Women of Change: Celebrating Japanese Canadian Leaders
  • Appreciating Japanese Arts and Culture - An Interview with Neli Iordanova

Volume 3, Issue 4

  • Sedai Features: Dorothy Toshiye Tanaka – Evacuated to the Countryside from Osaka, Japan
  • Hanami (花見) at the JCCC
  • Spring… Cherry Blossoms… Sakura Mochi 春がくると、花を愛でながらにいただきたいのは、桜もち
  • The Art of Kintsugi

Volume 3, Issue 3

  • Sedai Features: Nana Nishimura – My Mother, Tomi Nishimura
  • Women in Budo – An Interview with Kyudo Head Instructor, Mie Takahashi-Sensei
  • Interview with Aki Takahashi, a core member of Nagata Shachu
  • Hatsumi Nancy (Hashimoto) Okura
  • The Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011

Volume 3, Issue 2

  • Sedai Features: Joe Ohori – Developing Ski Tourism in Canada
  • Photos from a 1960’s Nisei Curling Club Banquet, Toronto
  • Online Sapporo Snow Festival 2022 / オンラインさっぽろ雪まつり2022

Volume 3, Issue 1

  • Sedai Features: Arthur Hiroshi Ikeda – Cooking New Year Food for Family
  • Fold with us!
  • Toronto Mouko-kai / トロント猛虎会
  • From the JCCC’s Archives
  • New Year’s Festival (Oshogatsukai お正月会)
  • Kimiko’s Pearl


Volume 2, Issue 12

  • Sedai Features: Frank Tadao Shimada – Kame Jii-Chan's Christmas and New Years at a Bustling Coffee Shop
  • Holiday Cheer From the Archives! 
  • 無病息災を願っていただく新年のお茶 / Special New Year’s Tea for Wellbeing

Volume 2, Issue 11

  • Sedai Features: Nori Kanashiro – Okinawan Community in Lethbridge, Alberta
  •    A Brief Look Into the History of the Ryukyu Kingdom (Present Day Okinawa) Interview with Toronto Kyuyokai Okinawa Kenjinkai / 沖縄県人会インタビュー記事  

Volume 2, Issue 10

  • Sedai Features: Masako Okawara – "We Made Eight Dollars!” Women Volunteers’ Experience of Fundraising in the 1960’s.
  • Keep the Lantern Lit Fundraiser Artisans
  • Japanese Canadian Survivor Survey 

Volume 2, Issue 9

  • Sedai Features: Toshitsugu Ted Nishi - Mushroom Farming in Ontario
  • Mush-Mush…. MUSHROOMS! Welcoming JCCC members to Maru: Immigration Stories

Volume 2, Issue 8

  • Sedai Features: Laiko Matsubayashi - Japanese Canadian Issei Women Entrepreneur
  • 日系移民の歴史を知るチャンス!

Volume 2, Issue 7

  • Roman Hatashita: Former Canadian Olympian and a lifelong Judoka
  • Sedai Features: Kei Tsumura – Japanese Canadians in Sports
  • Nyl Yakura: Badminton
  • Shady El Nahas: Olympic Games Judoka from the JCCC Judo Kai
  • Mr. K. Ishii: Olympic Games Reflections: Catering for 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games to Now

Volume 2, Issue 6

  • Sedai Features: Hisako Shin Shinkoda – Kika-Nisei
  • Sedai Features (bonus video!): Masako Okawara – Odori
  • The New Japanese Canadian Association (NJCA) Toy Project – Its beginning and history
  • 新移住者協会(NJCA)日本玩具プロジェクト – その始まりと歴史

Volume 2, Issue 5

  • Sedai Features: Bob and Shirley Takagi – Caravan Festival in Toronto
  • Asian Heritage Month Feature: Home and Native Land(s)
  • Want to know more about Kenjinkai! 県人会!もっと知りたい

Volume 2, Issue 4

  • Sedai Features: Tak Yoshida – Post-war Tokyo and 1960’s Canada
  • Asian Heritage Month Feature: Interview with Filmmaker Alice Shin and Producer Eiko Kawabe Brown
  • Japan Ports - Yokohama, Yokosuka and Kobe 横浜港、横須賀港、神戸港

Volume 2, Issue 3

  • Sedai Features: Stony Wakayama – Growing up on a Farm in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia
  • Let’s go to Brazil by Su Yen Chong
  • The Many Colours of Cherry Blossoms 桜色々

Volume 2, Issue 2

  • Sedai Features: Margaret Lyons – Early Career in Broadcasting
  • Maru: Immigration Stories - Choosing Artifacts and Photographs for a New Exhibit
  • Support Our Kids Homestay Program 東日本大震災被災児童自立支援プロジェクト

Volume 2, Issue 1

  • Sedai Features: Jean Nobuko Nagata – Returning to Canada After WWII
  • Archaeology of History and Memory: Interview with Nikkei Artist Erica Kaminishi
  • Chance to win a Daruma! - Let’s welcome spring and ward off bad spirit with Setsubun
  • We Need Your Help! - Letter from Mary to Harold Takayesu


Volume 1, Issue 8

  • Sedai Feature: Kinzie Tanaka – 84 Gerrard Street (A Hub for Nisei Progressives)
  • Bonus Sedai Feature: Kunio Suyama Celebrating Christmas and New Year's!
  • Nikkei Stories: Mary's Letter to Harold
  • Hatsuhinode (First Dawn) and Hatsumode (First Shrine Visit) 初日の出と初詣

Volume 1, Issue 7

  • Sedai Features: Integration of Schools in Steveston, BC
  • 1st International Symposium on Japanese Immigration Museums
  • Encounter with Koto – Interview with Linda Kakō Caplan
  • The Season of Flavours - Delicate Ingredients in Japanese Cooking 味覚の秋 – 繊細な日本の食材

Volume 1, Issue 6

  • Remembrance Day
  • Sedai Feature: Minoru Yatabe - A World War II Veteran
  • Then, Now and the Future - Getting to Know Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre (Burnaby, B.C.)
  • Fall Colour Viewing in Japan 日本の秋の風景

Volume 1, Issue 5

  • Japanese Canadians Working in Sawmills: Interview with Roy Honda Learning to Love
  • Interview with Filmmaker Anne Koizumi

Volume 1, Issue 4

  • Nikkei Stories: Colonia Hirano, Brazil
  • 40th Anniversary of JCCC Karaoke Club
  • Take Me Out to the Fireworks! おうちで花火鑑賞

Volume 1, Issue 3

  • Vacationing From Home / おうち旅をしてみませんか?
  • Sedai Interview: Schooling in Pre-War Vancouver
  • The JCCC Archives Need Your Help!

Volume 1, Issue 2

  • Living Legacy: Aiko Murakami
  • Sedai Interview: Schooling in the internment camps
  • Let's Paprika: Little Hearts for a Big Movement

Volume 1, Issue 1

  • School Bells: Ring! Ring! Ring!
  • Coping with Isolation: A Musician's Perspective
  • Maia's Heritage Project