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This Month's Newsletter

  • The JCCC Newsletter contains information about upcoming events and other exciting news about the JCCC community.  It is distributed monthly to our membership.  

For the upcoming few months, the JCCC will be making our e-newsletter available for all to enjoy. Simply click on the link below to learn more about our community.

Please note that there may be changes made to some scheduled events in the newsletter due to changes in circumstances.


In this issue...

  • What's On and What's Not at the JCCC
  • Message from JCCC President
  • A Sparkling Conclusion to a Dark Year
  • Drinks of Japan
  • New Year's Festival 2021
  • Haru Matsuri 2021
  • JCCC Youtube Content
  • JCCC Membership
  • Maru: Immigration Stories
  • Interns: JCCC Reflection
  • Japanese 1 on 1
  • JCCC Japanese Language for Adults
  • JCCC News
  • Calendar of Exhibitions
  • Nikkei Youth Athletics Bursary
  • Donation
  • JCCC Volunteer News
  • Japan Foundation Programs
  • 14th Japanese Calligraphy Competition in Canada
  • JSS Holiday Drive - Thank you
  • アロマと簡単ハンドエクササイズで冬の不調を解消!
  • 読書の時間~書店が選ぶおススメ本~
  • 健やかな老後をめざして  その35