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The SEDAI Project was founded in 2004 by a dedicated team of extraordinary volunteers from diverse backgrounds and experience. The Project operates as a committee under the auspices of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC) and reports directly to the Board of the JCCC. The core members of the SEDAI Project Committee are described below.

Sedai's Founding Team

  • Ann Ashley
  • Elizabeth Yuriko Fujita
  • Neil Henderson
  • George Hewson
  • Natalie Higashi
  • Andrew Kirby
  • Tracy Matsuo
  • Lorene Nagata
  • Russell Onizuka
  • Connie Sugiyama
  • Dan Toguri
  • Bob Tanaka
  • Lisa Kiyomi Uyeda
  • Peter Wakayama
  • Tak Yano

Honorary Advisors

Sedai is privileged to have the patronage and support of the following distinguished men and women who have agreed to be Honourary Advisors to this project:

  • Janice Fukakusa
  • Bill Hatanaka
  • Tom Ikeda
  • Joy Kogawa
  • Bruce Kuwabara
  • Karen Kuwahara
  • Judge Maryka Omatsu
  • Raymond Moriyama
  • Linda Ohama
  • Scott Oki
  • Kerri Sakamoto
  • Dr. Henry J. Shimizu
  • Dr. Gerri Sinclair
  • David Tsubouchi
  • Dr. Akemi Kikamura Yano