Judo Class


Judo - "the Way of Gentleness" was founded by Dr. Jigoro Kano in 1882 to develop a martial art into a way of life and a sport based on overarching principles concerning the development of physical, mental, and moral culture.

The sport of Judo is practiced worldwide and is best known for its spectacular throwing techniques, specialized grappling techniques including controlled hold-downs, elbow joint-locks and choking submission techniques. The study of Kodokan Judo also includes kata - forms of throwing, grappling and self-defence techniques and principles.

Children, youth and adults can practice and enjoy the sport regardless of age or gender. Judo training can improve balance, flexibility, coordination, aerobic fitness and physical strength, with inherent improvement in self-confidence, concentration, and self-discipline. JCCC Judo Kai individual competitors have won gold medals at the Canada Winter Games, Canadian Open and Elite Invitational Judo Championships, and multiple medals representing Canada at international competitions, including 2020 Olympian Shady El Nahas: 3-time Pan American Champion, and multi-time medalist on the International Judo Federation World Tour. JCCC Judo Kai teams won the 2013 and 2014 Ontario Club Championships and have won provincial and national medals in kata competitions.

The JCCC Judo Kai was recognized as 2018 Club of the Year by Judo Ontario.

JCCC Judo Kai program instructors include:
Ken Fukushima - Head Instructor, 3rd Dan, NCCP Level 3 Certified Competition Development Coach
Russ Takashima - Club Administrator, 3rd Dan, NCCP Level 2 Certified Dojo Instructor
Gerald Okimura - 5th Dan, IJF Continental referee and national kata judge, NCCP Level 2 Certified Dojo Instructor
Shujon Mazumder - 4th Dan, 8-time National Champion, NCCP Level 2 Certified Dojo Instructor
Assistant instructors include Huy Truong, Matthew Dales, Alexandre Pestov, Andrew Jaimes, John MacKenzie, Darrell Sakauye。

The JCCC Judo Kai offers a full range of classes and training for recreational and competitive students of all ages throughout the week.


JCCC Membership required.
Gi (Judo Uniform) can be purchased at the JCCC Gift Shop.

Minimum Age:
7 for Judo General
15 for Women's Judo

*JCCC Judo Kai also requires mandatory Judo Ontario membership. 


Judo: Oct-Dec 2022

Judo General (15&up):
$250 + HST for Oct 1-Dec 21*, 2022

Judo General (14&under):
$135 for Oct 1-Dec 21*, 2022

Women's Judo (15&up):
$135 + HST for Oct 2-Dec 18*, 2022

Registration Deadline: Fri. September 23

*The JCCC building closure for the winter holidays.

*Participant who registered for Women's Judo can only participates for Women's Judo class on Sunday. 

*Female participant who registered for General Judo may also participate for Women's Judo class.





Monday & Wednesday & Friday
7pm - 8:30pm

9:45am - 11:15am

*No Saturday Class offered in July & August

Women's Judo

1:30pm - 3pm