Bunka Shishu

Bunka Shishu

Bunka Shishu, Japanese “Needle Punch” embroidery, uses rayon lily thread combined with specific stitching techniques to create lovely pieces of art. Students begin by stitching a small pictorial sampler and progress to kits depicting traditional Japanese scenes, flowers, animals, or people.

Classes are open to others who wish to complete their stitchery.

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Poncey Acromond and Sono Sugie


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Senior  $65.00+HST / Adult  $95.00+HST

*JCCC Membership is required.

*For beginners, starter kit is available. ($25 + HST). Payable to the instructor by cash or e-Transfer in the 1st class.


Tuesdays (10 sessions) 

September 19 - November 24 
10am - 12pm


Fridays (10 sessions)  

September 22 - November 24