Operation Tatami 2024

The tatami and sub-floor in our dojo last underwent a major renovation in 2005. Over the years the wear and tear on sub-floor has resulted in unevenness. Also, the cover on some mats is worn out. In 2024, the JCCC will embark on a project to refurbish the tatami dojo. This will include levelling the sub-floor, replacing the mats and increasing the size of the mat area.

The JCCC will install Kusakura brand tatami, which is what is used in Japan, and at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, and all Tokyo and Osaka IJF Grand Slams in recent years. These are the finest tatami available. This is the official tatami of the All-Japan Judo Federation and exceeds all IJF certifications. The mat area will be enlarged to a full-size regulation competition area comprised of a 32 yellow mat competition area with a 96 green mat safety area. This refresh will enable the JCCC tatami dojo to remain as the finest martial arts dojo in Canada.

You can help make this happen by sponsoring a mat in the dojo. Sponsorship of the yellow “Competition” mats is $400 and is limited to 32 sponsorships. The sponsorship of the 96 green “Keiko” mats is $300. For your sponsorship you will receive a tax receipt for the full amount. As well your donation will be recognized on a display in the JCCC’s John and Goro Kawaguchi Martial Arts Court. Please follow the link on this page to make your donation.

Thank-you for your support of the JCCC’s martial arts program and helping to ensure our dojo remains a top-tier facility.


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Online Donation Instructions

Each inscription is limited to 42 characters including spaces and punctuation in English and/or Japanese. The JCCC reserves the right, at its discretion, to approve any wording. Please submit the form above separately to specify the inscription for your donation, and email it to donate@jccc.on.ca.


Image: Kusakura Tatami Mats in the Mie Prefectural Budokan, Tsu City, Mie Prefecture Japan