Naginata Class


Since 2003, the JCCC Naginata Club has instructed members in the art of the Naginata, or Japanese polearm. Use of the naginata dates back to the 7th Century, but in the 15th Century, it was phased out on the Japanese battlefield in favour of the yari, or spear. The “obsolete” naginata were given to the women of samurai families, and thus the knowledge of the naginata became a normal part of girls’ education. In the years since World War II, the art of Atarashii Naginata (“new” Naginata) has spread beyond Japan to fifteen other countries, including Canada, with regular national and international competition for both women and men. Club members regularly participate in seminars and tournaments in Canada and abroad, including the upcoming 2019 World Naginata Championships in Germany.

We teach Atarashii Naginata, the modern sporting form of the art. Naginata is a new art in Canada, and our club is proud to help build this art in Canada. Day to day classes are led by our instructors: Kaori Kubo, 5th Dan; Susan Davis, 3rd Dan; Tomas Almonte, 3rd Dan; and Jordan Macklem, 3rd Dan.

Our students also have the opportunity to study the classical (koryu) art of Tendo-ryu naginatajutsu, including seminars organized by the Shin Getsu Kai and Bitoku Kai. Tendo-ryu dates back to the late 1500s, and was taught to high school girls across Japan before World War II. Students interested in Tendo-ryu will need to attend one or more of our monthly out-of-town practices to begin their training, and attendance at an annual week-long seminar, held at the end of June, will be necessary to progress.

We have a limited supply of naginata for the use of new members. As students progress, they’ll be expected to obtain equipment at their own expense, to join the Canadian Naginata Federation, and to cover the costs of seminars, tournaments, and promotion tests that they participate in.

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Minimum Age: 12
*JCCC Membership is required.

Series 3

Registration Deadline:
Sat. Apr 20, 2024
*Reduced summer fee is applied for this series

General (15&up):
$185 (+HST) for May-Jul 2024

Child (12-14):
$145 for for May-Jul 2024



3:30pm - 5:30pm

9:15pm - 10:45pm