JCCC is now open Mon - Sun, 10am - 5pm. For more information about JCCC's safety protocols, please click here.
*Annual Bazaar Postponed until 2023.

Starting Martial Arts

JCCC Martial Arts Policies

  • An active JCCC Membership is required. BECOME A MEMBER TODAY 

  • Class fees must be paid in full prior to start of the session. Please note that all payments are final, and no refund or deferral of fee will be issued.   

  • Waiver form will be sent to registrants via email. Please complete and return online prior to start of session.

  • All participants must comply with JCCC’s Health and Protection policy with regards to vaccination requirements.  

  • Please note that each Martial Arts Class has its own registration time and minimum age for acceptance. 

Family Discount 

All families can enjoy a 10% discount for any multiple registrations within the family across any of our martial arts disciplines.   Please contact reception, jccc@jccc.on.ca/416-441-2345, to apply the discount.



*Registration for martial arts programs allows a participant to attend as many classes as the program offers per week.


Aikido, Jodo, Judo, Karate, and Kendo

Please check the martial arts page for specific class information and instructions.

Registration started! Registration deadline is extended to Tue. May 24.

Aikido/Judo 14&under


Aikido/Judo 15&up


Karate/Kendo 14&under


Jodo/Karate/Kendo 15&up


For all who are interested in joining next registration for the martial arts programs, and who do not already receive email news about our martial arts, you can sign up to our notification list.

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JCCC Indoor Practice Protocol

The JCCC is beginning to reopen programs within the building in accordance to guidelines provided by the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario. The JCCC also has put in place the following additional guidelines that must be adhered to.

  1. All Indoor Practices must follow the JCCC Safety Protocol.
    • Anyone entering the JCCC premises will be required to be fully vaccinated to the standards set by the Province of Ontario for their age group.  Enhanced vaccine certificates with QR codes, along with ID must be presented upon request.
    • Social distancing is encouraged when possible. 
    • While no longer required, we encourage all persons (participants, parents, instructors, etc) to wear a mask while on premises.
    • Participants will follow best practices for masking and social distancing during practice as outlined by the Federation or Association to which their Martial Art belongs.  With the current situation the JCCC encourages masking as much as possible.
    • Instructors will take time to explain new procedures to students, and ensure all participants understand the expectations for practice in our dojos. 
    • The JCCC in cooperation with the Martial Arts clubs will provide a safe practice environment with cleaning of the dojo and high contact points at the completion of class, and increased ventilation between classes. 
  2. Access to the JCCC building
    • Participant access to the dojo area is through the main entrance under the white tower.
    • Access to change rooms and showers are allowed.  Please use at your own risk.
    • Lockers will be available for use. While the JCCC will be doing periodic disinfecting of the lockers, they will not be disinfected after each class. Instead, cleaning wipes will be made available. Please use the lockers at your own risk. 
    • Washrooms will be available but again we encourage social distancing.  
    • Water fountains are available. We suggest you bring sufficient water with you to class. 
    • Please exit the dojo area promptly following class. 
    • The observation area for the martial arts will be open during the JCCC’s operation hours.  This area is intended to accommodate those waiting for class participants and we ask that you limit the number of observers to 1 per family.  We also ask that you remain in this area for the duration of the class. 
  3. Registration & Sign-in
    • To register, please make payment of fees online, in person, by phone. 
    • Registration is not considered complete until participants have completed waiver forms, have active memberships and have paid class fees by the stated deadline and have received a confirmation email. 
    • Anyone who does not complete the FULL registration process by the stated deadline will not be allowed to participate in indoor practice. 
    • Please note that the Province no longer requires active screening to attend events/classes.  We have posted the screening questions in the dojos if you have need to refer to it.  Or you can access the information from here 974a-General-Screening-Business-Questionnaire-March-29- 2022.pdf (toronto.ca).  Please do not attend class if you are showing any symptoms. 

Failure to follow the processes laid out in our Covid 19 protocol could result in a loss of opportunity to participate in the current martial arts classes until there is a revision in martial arts programming. Your return to martial arts participation will be reviewed at that time.

Should you find out that you have a confirmed case of Covid 19 or have come in direct contact with someone who has a confirmed case of Covid 19, please contact Yayoi Kawabe or Christine Takasaki.