Chris Kano Taiko Studio

Help Us Build the Chris Kano Taiko Studio and Bring Taiko Back to the JCCC

The JCCC is embarking on a journey to create a sound-proof space – the Chris Kano Taiko Studio. This space will allow the JCCC to meet the demands of the community, and allow taiko to be part of our regular class for our members.

Through our friends at Yakudo, we are honoured to be in possession of 14 taiko drums, worth up to $100,000.

Nonetheless, funds are necessary to build a space that will contain the thunderous beats of taiko. Your donation will allow taiko to be accessible to our community for generations to come.

Donate Online
Please specify that your donation is for Chris Kano Taiko Studio in the message section.

Make a Donation

You can also contribute by sending your cheque to:

6 Sakura Way
Toronto, Ontario
M3C 1Z5

Please make your cheque payable to JCCC and indicate "Chris Kano Taiko Studio" on the memo portion of your cheque.