Yakiniku Dragon

Based on his popular play about the struggles of the Zainichi (ethnic Korean) community in Japan, director Wishing Chong tells the story of one family in 1970s Osaka.

Yong Gil immigrated from South Korea and operates a barbecue restaurant with his wife and three tempestuous daughters. Oldest daughter Jung-Hwa is dating Tetsuo but they break up. Middle daughter Yi-Hwa loves Tetsuo and marries him, but Tetsuo still loves her older sister and they divorce. The youngest daughter Mi-Hwa wants to become a singer, but she is in love with a married man.

Yakiniku Dragon conveys the vigorous life of Zainichi villagers with much laughter and tears as they argue, reconcile, love and break up. At the same time the film casts and unwavering eye on the bullying and prejudice they are forced to endure.

Wishing Chong
Yo Oizumi, Yoko Maki, Mao Inoue, Kim Sang-Ho, Oh Shin-Gil, Lee Jung Eun, Shinpei Ooe
North American Premiere
126 minutes
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