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mother and son

When My Mom Died, I Wanted to Eat Her Ashes

Based on Satoshi Miyagawa’s popular manga. Morbid title aside, this film is a tender, quirky and heart-breaking ode to the love of a son for his mother.

Akiko was always a kind, supportive mother to Satoshi when he was growing up, helping him through tough times saying, “It’s okay, because I am with you. You will survive.”   Satoshi is now in his thirties and remains devoted to his Mom. When she is diagnosed with terminal cancer, it is Satoshi’s turn to say, “It’s okay, because I am with you.” Bring your handkerchiefs!

Official Website and Trailer (In Japanese): bokuiko-movie.asmik-ace.co.jp
You may purchase ticket(s) at Ticketweb, or at JCCC Reception, 416-441-2345.

Tatsushi Omori
Ken Yasuda, Mitsuko Baisho, Nao Matsushita, Jun Murakami, Renji Ishibashi
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