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image from the Chef of South Polar


From Fri. Jul. 31 @ 9am to Sun. Aug. 2 @ 9pm

A heart-warming comedy, based on the poignant essays of Nishimura Jun, who in real life served as a Japan Coast Guard cook for an Antarctic scientific observation team.

The film depicts with humor the extreme isolation of eight men, living apart from their families in the severe cold at the South Pole. Meals are the only source of pleasure in their lives, so the responsibility of the cook, Nishimura, is a heavy one. . But, without being able to procure fresh supplies, maintaining variety in the daily menu is a herculean task. While longing for his wife Miyuki and two children back in Japan, Nishimura goes to great lengths to keep the table filled with delectable meals. From full-course French cuisine to hand-made "ramen" noodles, the meals that fill the team members' bellies and hearts are unforgettable.



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Shuchi Okita
Masato Sakai, Katsuhisa Namase, Naomi Nishida, Kitaro
125 min


Fee: $6.99

Available on Demand: From Fri. Jul 31 @9am to Sun. Aug 2 @9pm

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In Japanese with English subtitles

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