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And Life Goes On

Despite losing her parents at age three in a car accident, Toko (Kasumi Arimura) experiences an idyllic childhood thanks to her uncle, who raises her. She dreams of being an actress, and having had some local notoriety in her town; she is ready to take a leap of faith and travel to Tokyo to audition. But, as fate would have it, her hopes were dashed as her world and country turned upside down when the Great East Japan Earthquake struck Japan on March 11, 2011. This motivates Toko to assist with aid efforts in Kesennuma, where she meets volunteer organizer Kiyotaka (Kentaro Sakaguchi). While she initially senses something about Kiyotaka is amiss in the midst of their devastated surroundings, feelings of hope grow, as do their feelings for one another.  Tale of a story of love, survival, and hope by director Sho Tsukikawa.

In Japanese with English subtitles 


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Sho Tsukikawa
Kasumi Arimura and Kentaro Sakaguchi
135 minutes


General $10.62 +HST ($12)
JCCC Members $8.85 +HST ($10)

*No exchange or refund

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