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Virtual Tour of Maru: Immigration Stories (Japanese Edition)

The New Japanese Canadian Committee (NJCC) of the JCCC will be presenting a virtual tour of the highly anticipated permanent exhibit at the JCCC, Maru: Immigration Stories in Japanese. The virtual event will start with a short presentation to reflect on the stories from the diverse Nikkei communities across the Americas that form the foundation of the Maru: Immigration Stories. Then, an interactive discussion between the exhibit team and participants will follow. We look forward to meeting and connecting with you!  

Event Date: August 26, 2021 7:00 - 7:50pm  

Register here to access the link for the event. 

*Registration ends on August 25, 2021 11:59pm 



The Japanese diaspora in the Americas is part of a global network of communities known as Nikkei with over 150 years of history. Possessing only ambition, they sailed to lands far away including Canada, United States of America, Hawaii, Peru, and Brazil. Their histories reflect a way of life that resonates with many dispersed communities across the world. Among their many experiences, World War II is embedded in the memories of many Nikkei communities whose lives were devastated because of the war. Despite that, they flourished after the war in their respective nations, lending a symbol of hope for other migrant communities in creating a sense of belonging. 

Today, millions of people of Japanese ancestry live in different countries around the world. Although disconnected from each other for decades, they now commonly identify as Nikkei. This rebirth of discovering a common history, culture, and memories transcends borders. It is a coming together. 

The JCCC has partnered with Google Arts and Culture to bring you the virtual exhibit of Maru: Immigration Stories. Experience the virtual exhibit below or head straight to JCCC Profile on Google Arts and Culture