Students Testimonials


"I enjoy every minute of learning Japanese language from you. Hope I will have improvement in each lesson."



"Great service, would recommend to anyone. The JCCC is a little far for me to get to easily, so it’s great to be able to engage remotely."



"教えてくれてありがとう (Thank you for your teaching!)"






"My instructor sent me the Review after each lesson. The review has helped me a lot to practice and understand more what I have learned from the lesson. The instructor always smile, and has encouraged me to email her if I have any questions about the lesson. She always replied me quickly. This is a strong motivation to me, and that I am confident to continue my learning with enjoyment. I am glad I have established a passion, through my instructor, to learn more Japanese language and their culture. I wish to let Yoko-San know my appreciation."



I really felt that my requests were adhered to when filling out the original questionnaire and assessments.