Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster – 5th Anniversary Special Fundraising Screening

All funds will be added to the $1.5 million already raised by our JCCC Foundation’s Earthquake Relief Fund supporting scholarships in the Tohoku Region

Akane Yamada’s moving docu-drama looks at the issue of abandoned dogs in Japan with special reference to those animals lost or abandoned in the days following March 11, 2011.

A television director, Kanami is devastated by the passing of her beloved dog Natsu. At the suggestion of a friend she throws herself back into work and a documentary about dogs, in particular the plight of those suffering as the output of unscrupulous “puppy mills” or awaiting adoption – or more likely euthanasia – in overcrowded animal control centres.
Her journey introduces her to some of the exceptional and passionate people dedicated to saving them. The members of the Chiba-wan group identify adoptable dogs from among the feral and take them into their homes while searching for potential adopters. She learns of the tireless operators of Hiroshima’s Minashigo who took up the cause after the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster.

A heart-braking story of compassion, hope and the love we share with our four–legged friends.

Starring Satomi Kobayashi (Kamome ShokudoMeganePale Moon) and Takaya Kamikawa

Director Akane Yamada will be in attendance at the screening to take questions.

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