A Special Co-Presentation by Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival and Toronto Japanese Film Festival at the JCCC


A Special Co-Presentation by Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival and Toronto Japanese Film Festival at the JCCC 

“A sweet and funny film, it’s a delight to spend time in the company of Fuku-chan and the quirky outsiders he collects around him.”

- Christopher O’Keeffe, TWITCHFILM

“Makes the most of the comedy talents of its leads with its mixture of slapstick humour and pathos working delightfully”

- Mark Adams, SCREEN DAILY

Tatsuo “Fuku-chan” Fukuda (Miyuki Oshima) is a 32-year old painter living in a charmingly decrepit apartment complex called Fukufuku Flats. Since moving to Tokyo from rural Tochigi Prefecture, Fuku-chan has held down a steady job with a small construction firm where he spends his days channeling a long-held dream of becoming an artist into painting buildings. His lonely evenings are spent mediating disputes between the oddball denizens of Fukufuku Flats including a panty thief, a slack-jawed reptile enthusiast and an aspiring enka singer.

Fuku-chan is popular, kind, generous and well-liked by everyone around him. Romantically however, his shyness around women has rendered him a disaster. One day, an unfamiliar woman turns up at Fukufuku Flats. She is Chiho Sugiura (Asami Mizukawa), his first love from junior high school 20 years earlier, and the person responsible for the traumatizing incident that led to his fear of women….

This new film from Yosuke Fujita delivers all the idiosyncratic humour we expect from a Fujita film but with an added layer of pathos and emotional complexity. The film’s real revelation is the Miyuki Oshima, a popular television comedienne, who plays a male character in the lead role. Her miraculous performance as Fuku-chan earned her the Cheval Noir Best Actress Award at the 2014 Fantasia International Film Festival; it is deadpan hilarious but with a heart-rending emotional underpinnings. Oshima is ably supported by Fujita favourite Yoshiyoshi Arakawa, Miyuki Oshima and Asami Mizukawa.

Wednesday November 12 @ 7pm
Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, 6 Garamond Court, Toronto M3C 1Z5

Admission: $10 (JCCC Members) $12 (Non-members)

Tickets: 416.441.2345 or click here: http://www.ticketweb.ca/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=5414925&pl=jccc

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