Color Me True

It is the 1960s and film was losing its status as “the king of entertainment” to TV, a change triggered by the televised wedding of the crown prince. Aspiring young director Kenji dreams of making films and spends his days at his favourite theatre, the Romance Gekijo, watching old black-and-white films. He’s particularly infatuated with Princess Miyuki, a character from a forgotten film.

One night lightning strikes the theatre and the princess miraculously steps off the screen and into Kenji’s world. Still in black and white, Kenji takes her out to introduce her to the beauty of color: rainbows, blue skies, purple wisteria flowers and red roses.

Director Takeuchi’s (Thermae Romae) hit film opened to popular and critical acclaim. A funny, heart-warming love letter to the movies.

Hideki Takeuchi
Haruka Ayase, Kentaro Sakaguchi, Tsubasa Honda, Kazuki Kitamura
North American Premiere
108 minutes
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