Mottainai Artists' Walk and Talk

Please join us on March 9th from 2-4 pm in the JCCC Gallery to hear from artists in our current community show, Mottainai(勿体無い): The Beauty of Reclaimed Materials. Mottainai (勿体無い) is a well-known Japanese word that carries a profound message of respect and appreciation for resources and the environment. Artists will give short talks on their featured work and their artmaking process and incorporate the ethos of Mottainai in their work.

Green tea and rice crackers will be served.



2-3 pm: talks by Keiko Shintani, yoco, Lois Schklar, Joy Takahashi, Neli Iordanova, Momiji Kimono Remake Program, Irene Sakata, and Barb Miiko Gravlin.

Short break

3-4 pm: talks by BReal art + design, Laura Shintani, Shuichi, Mui-Ling Teh, Emi Saito, Vera Kabo Tse, Nancy Hayako Peng, Ken Sugamori, and Maryam Pazooki.

See here for more information on the show.