Sugino 34
Tokyo Tower + Jessy

Déjà Vu: Split Perception as One

“I have always felt part of many cultures but at home in none. Perhaps as a remedy, for more than five decades, I have used my camera unflinchingly to explore the themes of my experience.”

As part of the Contact Photography Festival, the JCCC presents "Déjà Vu: Split Perception as One" by Shin Sugino. In search of a multiple sense of belonging, Sugino’s black and white works loom over viewers in a larger-than-life format. A strict upbringing by French nuns in post-WWII Japan, and ultimately, a rejection by his father as an adult are powerful chapters in Sugino’s life that bleed into this collection of works – a raw gaze into Sugino’s memories of splintered temporalities. 

Déjà Vu: Split Perception as One is part of the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival.


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