Oshogatsukai 2023
Event Agenda

2023 New Year's Festival (Oshogatsukai)

JCCC New Year’s Festival will be back in the JCCC building. The festival kicks off with the exciting sound of Taiko Drumming! The Japanese traditional Shishimai lion dance, authentic Jinja Japanese shrine display (take photos and post them on social media!) and find out your luck with the Omikuji fortune draw and try Kakizome Japanese New Year calligraphy, Senchado tea ceremony and tasting with Wagashi Japanese sweets. There will be a lot of delicious Japanese food stands and entertainment!!

Experience pounding Mochi rice cake (Mochitsuki); children can also have a wonderful time in the traditional Japanese New Year's Games area. There are Koma top-spinning, Hagoita Japanese badminton using decorated wooden paddles, and much more!! Be sure to arrive early and receive Otoshidama Lucky New Year Gift! (to the first 100 children).

Please check out our program and map here

Admission cash only at the door (入場料は当日入場口にて現金のみのお支払いとなります):

JCCC Members $5 / JCCC Family Members $15 (up to 2 adults and 3 children)
General $7 / General Family $20 (up to 2 adults and 3 children)
Senior / Child(6-12yrs) $5 Children under 5yrs Free

Most of vendors only accept cash. No ATM on the site.

For vendor application and details, contact JCCC reception at 416- 441-2345 or jccc@jccc.on.ca.


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