Artists Walk and Talk - Sumi-e: The Way of the Brush

In recognition of the exhibit Sumi-e: the Way of the Brush, the AGO Insider published an article that proclaims, “the show celebrates the powerful complexity of our environment.”

On the summer evening of July 21st, the Artists Walk & Talk event will be the finale for this beautiful exhibition.This event will provide an opportunity for guests to meet some of the artists and their families as they informally dialogue with art enthusiasts in a casual setting.  

Sumi-e painting is the embodiment of Japanese aesthetics – brush, ink and white space that captures the timeless beauty and complexity of the natural world. We believe Sumi-e can help in achieving inner peace during this tumultuous time in the world. Sumi-e has held an honoured place in the JCCC. It was the first cultural class offered to the public by the JCCC in 1964. 

Artists Walk & Talk is happening on July 21st at 7pm.

Sumi-e: the Way of the Brush is available for viewing until July 29, 2022.