Sumi-e: The Way of The Brush

Sumi-e painting is the embodiment of Japanese aesthetics – brush, ink and white space that captures the timeless beauty and complexity of the natural world. We believe Sumi-e can help in achieving inner peace during this tumultuous time in the world. Sumi-e has held an honored place in the JCCC. It was the first cultural class offered to the public by the JCCC in 1964. The exhibition will present the work of 13 Sumi-e artists – all teachers and students of the JCCC Sumi-e program. 


Featured artists: Hiroshi Yamamoto, Nicole Tamir, Neli Iordanova, Kate Cherney, Marie Ikeda, Terry Adachi, Roslyn Levin, Ruth Yamada, Peter Ito, Anne Nakagawa, Mary Ikeda, Marjorie Pigott, and Kazuo Hamazaki. 

This exhibit is part of the DiverseCity Expo.