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Virtual Haru Matsuri 2021 flyer

Virtual Haru Matsuri 2021

Haru Matsuri is one of the oldest traditions at the JCCC. It originally started as a way to promote the martial arts and cultural classes that were offered as Spring classes started in mid-March each year. This year the covid restrictions prevent us from gathering so we are going VIRTUAL!

All programmed events can be accessed over the weekend of March 6-7. Some activities will require pre-registration.


Scavenger Hunt + Tic Tac “Know”

Saturday March 6, 2021 Suggested ages 6 – 12 years How well do your children know their family history? Participate in this fun workshop, where children will learn through engaging activities the importance of appreciating their roots and celebrating their heritage. This event will require pre-registration. Please click the button below to register. The session will be limited to 8 households.  

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Rice Ball Workshop

Sunday March 7, 2021 Suggested ages 4 – 8 years A simple workshop to teach children to make fun onigiri rice balls, and through that, look at how food evolves through generations. his event will require pre-registration. Please click the button below to register. The session has been expanded to accommodate 20 households. 

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Rakugo by Ken Saito

If you have never experienced a Rakugo performance, this is a perfect opportunity. Rakugo is a form of Japanese verbal entertainment. The lone storyteller sits on stage, using only a paper fan and a small handkerchief as props, and without standing up from sitting position, the rakugo artist depicts a long and complicated comical or sentimental story. The story always involves the dialogue of two or more characters. The difference between the characters is depicted only through change in pitch, tone, and a slight turn of the head. This performance will be in English. 

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