Ikenobo Supplies

If you are registering for Ikebana- Ikenobo classes, you will be required to purchase a Starter Kit. You may use your gardening scissors if you have.


Starter Kits are available to JCCC Ikenobo Class Students only.

Starter Kit without Hasami                  $  88.00 +HST

Starter Kit with Hasami (scissors)        $168.00 +HST



*JCCC Ikenobo Class Students can also purchase individual supplies. 

Kenzan Round                                    $ 60.00 +HST

Kenzan Round in case                         $ 63.00 +HST

Ikenobo Plastic Container                    $ 25.00 +HST

Scissors                                             $ 80.00 +HST



Ikenobo Starter Kit without hasami Ikenobo Starter Kit with hasami
Starter Kit without scissor Starter Kit with scissor