Noriko Maeda: Foundations Echoes in Culture

The art of Japanese calligraphy is intimately tied to the act of translation. It is read, interpreted and transforms itself in innumerable ways as its impulses flow through culture. It draws inspiration from surprising places and inspires new thought where least expected. On the one year anniversary of the publication of Noriko Maeda: Foundations, this exhibition and video presents two of the book’s first echoes in the Canadian cultural landscape.

Against this backdrop, this unique exhibition event presents a panel of artists and cultural figures who will join Noriko Maeda in a conversation on the ways in which the book and Japanese calligraphy in general have found echoes in their own creations beyond the domain of calligraphy.

Please join Noriko Maeda in conversation with Nancy Jacobi, Denise Fujiwara and Michael Walsh, moderated by Collin Gardner for this special event.

Panel Discussion (followed by reception)
Date: Friday August 30, 2019 / 6:30 ~ 7:30pm
RSVP: 416-441-2345
Please join us for “Echoes in Culture”; a panel discussion among artists from diverse disciplines who have found ‘echoes’ from Shodo in their own work.

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