Call for Artist – Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre Art Commission

Call for Artist – Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre Art Commission

Deadline: January 5, 2023


Founded in 1963, the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC) brings together all Canadians to celebrate the unique culture, history, and legacy of Japanese Canadians.  

We engage audiences with exhibits, programs, and events, while creating tribute to the Nikkei community and their contributions to the building of our nation.  


The JCCC will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2023. 60 years is an important milestone in Japanese Culture as it signals the start of a new 60-year cycle – synonymous with rebirth. This exhibition highlights Japanese Canadian history from the late 1800’s, with a focus on the opening and history of the JCCC at 123 Wynford Drive in Toronto and its transition to 6 Garamond Court. The JCCC was established to create a safe space for Japanese Canadians, and to share Japanese culture with all Canadians. With the efforts of volunteers and the 75 guarantor families that signed the original mortgage needed to build the JCCC, the Centre has become a vibrant space to grow Nikkei community in the GTA and champion Japanese Canadian culture.


The JCCC is seeking to commission an art piece for the 60th year anniversary of the JCCC. The exhibition will be running from April 2023 until January 2024. The artwork commissioned should reflect the history of the JCCC – highlighting its community and history. It should take into consideration aspects of discrimination faced by the community including the model minority myth. The artwork can be a single piece or a participatory piece but must have a physical component. A budget of $1,500 will be offered as compensation for ownership of the piece whether it is by a single artist or collective.

Artists of varying art experience and education are welcomed to apply. Although not necessary, having Japanese ancestry is an asset. The successful applicant will be a featured artist for the JCCC during the Nuit Blanche Festival 2023. 



The selected work will be displayed in the Heritage Hallway of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. Artists are encouraged to be creative in the use of the space. The wall on the right-hand side will be used as the main exhibit wall. 

Exhibit Space

Dimension of space

Photograph of space


  1. The artist guarantees that the artwork(s) provided to the JCCC are the original creations of the artist; the artist holds all rights and copyrights attached to each artwork listed in this agreement; all descriptions and information provided about the artist and the artwork(s) are true and accurate. The artist is responsible for any and all costs and expenses (including attorney’s fees) involved with any claims made that the artwork(s) is not an original creation of the artist or infringes upon a third-party’s copyright. 

  2. The artist retains all rights to the reproduction of the artwork(s). However, the artist permits reproduction for publicity purposes involved with the exhibition and sale of consigned artwork. 

  3. The JCCC may display, distribute, and exhibit the artist’s work(s) of art but the artwork(s) shall not be used for any other purpose without express consent in writing by the artist. 

  4. The artist assumes all costs involved with packing, shipping and insurance, liability and all other handling expenses incurred in the delivery of the artwork(s) to and from the JCCC unless otherwise arranged between the JCCC and the artist. 

  5. The JCCC accepts the artwork listed in this agreement and the work is insured under the JCCC insurance rider for the duration of the exhibit. 

  6. The JCCC agrees to properly label and identify all exhibited artwork with the artist’s name, the work’s title, media used and any related information deemed appropriate by the artist or JCCC. 

  7. It is the JCCC’s decision on how artwork(s) will be displayed in the exhibition space. The artist may advise the JCCC on the installation and display. 

  8. Changes to these terms may be negotiated between Artist and the JCCC on a case-by-case basis and the JCCC will accommodate unique and special opportunities that arise. 

  9. Agreement may be terminated when the parties agree in writing. When one of the parties, although notified, does not execute an obligation set out in the present agreement. In this case, notification is transmitted by the creditor of the obligation, with mention of the non-compliances observed. The party at fault must remedy said non-compliances within ten (10) working days of the date of receipt of the notification, or the contract is terminated at the end of this period.