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Title Accession number Period Language Event Location Topic
Interview with Roy Takumi Honda 2010.044 Post War, World War II English Redress, World War II, Relocation, Forced Removal, Attack on Pearl Harbour Japan, USA, Whiterock, BC, Vancouver, BC, Cloverdale, Surrey, BC, Chapleau, ON, Hamilton, ON, London, ON, 11 Mile, BC, Woodfibre, BC, Tashme, BC, Hiroshima, Japan immigration, family, employment, picture bride, marriage, National Association of Japanese Canadian (NAJC), communities, language, music, dance, social activity, children, Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC), church, transportation, discrimination, health, Jewish community, gardening, Trans Canada Highway, travel, road camps, farming, fishing, sports, festivals, living conditions, food, Buddhism, religion, Anglicanism, farming, education