Online Sake School #3: REGIONALITY

Join us for a fascinating look into the world of Japan’s national drink with international sake sommelier and educator Mariko Tajiri. Starting June 11 Mariko will present three independent 90-minute seminars, each addressing a different facet of sake and the culture around its creation and enjoyment.

Seminars are conducted over ZOOM. Each is 90 minutes and the fee is $35 per seminar, however connoisseurs taking all 3 seminars will be charged just $95.

If you want to savour as you study, Sake Study Packs featuring three bottles can ordered for home deliver (in the GTA) for $92 through Sake School Kit

As with wine, region and terrior are essential to your sake knowledge. Learn about the important regions, what characteristic you should look for from certain regions and who the best producers are.
Date: Thursday July 9 @ 7:30pm

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About Mariko Tajiri

Mariko is an international sake educator and promoter working a National Brand Manager for That’s Life in Canada, a wine and sake importer based in Vancouver and Toronto. She has been working with sake for over 12 years with a portfolio including producers such as Jikon, Sharaku,

Kuheiji, Matsumoto, Hououbiden and Tengumai. Mariko became an IWC (International Wine Challenge) sake judge in 2017. She has done amazing things in the sake world and has been instrumental in putting sake in a different context.

She now teaches with WSET (Wine and Spirits Education Trust), a wine school based in London, UK and this curriculum has really brought sake education together. She also teaches in BC, Alberta and Ontario.


2020年7月23日 午後7時00分〜午後9時00分
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