A Samurai's Promise

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A Samurai's Promise

The year is 1730. Master swordsman Shimbei attempts to expose corruption in his fief and is banished by the authorities. Thereafter, he endlessly drifts from place to place with his wife Shino, who eventually passes away from illness. Her final request is for Shimbei to protect Uneme, a friend in her hometown. However dangerous, Shimbei decides he must fulfill that promise.

A powerful evocation of the noble code of the samurai directed by Daisaku Kimura, one of Japan’s and Akira Kurosawa’s leading cinematographers, and based on Naoki Prize-winning author Hamuro Rin’s novel featuring stunning visuals, a tense narrative and winning performances from an all-star cast.

Official Website and Trailer (In Japanese):  chiritsubaki.jp
You may purchase ticket(s) at Ticketweb, or at JCCC Reception, 416-441-2345.



監督:木村大作『劔岳 点の記』『春を背負って』

© 2018「散り椿」製作委員会

Screening Partner

Daisaku Kimura
Junichi Okada, Hidetoshi Nishijima, Haru Kuroki, Sousuke Ikematsu, Kumiko Aso, Naoto Ogata
Toronto Premiere
112 min
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