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“The Toronto Japanese Film Festival is certainly one of the best experiences I have had at any international film festival! I thank the TorontoJFF for its endless hospitality. I would strongly encourage any invited director to participate in this if they have to chance.

As a film maker, I feel it is very important to take opportunities to meet and speak with foreign audience members.  These kinds of experiences feed my creativity and inspire me to make movies that move people not only in Japan, but in foreign countries as well.

 今回のトロント日本映画祭は、観客の皆さんとの対話の機会が多くもてた事など、これまで出席した映画祭の中でも最も心に残るものでありました。もし来年、呼ばれているという監督と出会えたら、行きな! 行きな! と双手を上げて勧めることと思います。


 Yoshihiro Nakamura, Director, THE SNOW WHITE MURDER CASE, Guest at TorontoJFF 2014


“I am very thankful to the JCCC. This [festival] is definitely one of the reasons I am a filmmaker: to be able actually connect to the feelings of all these people in a place so distant from Japan. I will certainly do my best to be invited to the Toronto Japanese Film Festival again!”



Daihachi Yoshida, Winner Japanese Academy Award Best Film,Best Director 2013, guest at TorontoJFF 2013 吉田大八監督

Now in its 4th year, the Toronto Japanese Film Festival showcases the finest Japanese films that have been recognized for excellence by Japanese audiences and critics, international film festival audiences and/or the Japanese Film Academy. Programming addresses popular genres such as historical (samurai) jidaigeki, contemporary dramas, comedies and action, literary adaptations, children’s and anime films. We also try to show films recommended by the community as  those they would like to share with Canadians.  All films are North American, Canadian or Toronto premieres.

The Toronto Japanese Film Festival’s mandate has been carefully aligned with that of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre.  In the 52 years since the opening of the JCCC, film has been an important tool in creating friendship, understanding and exchange between the Japanese and broader Canadian communities. Tickets sales from the festival also help to drive our heritage programming which shares the important lessons of cultural acceptance and human rights  implicit in the Japanese Canadian experience, with all Canadians.

Our first three years attracted large crowds, a broad demographic from all over the city and exit surveys indicating that audiences genuinely enjoyed the films. With the lectures, receptions, gallery exhibitions and performances that were part of the two-week festival, our visitors numbered in the tens of thousands.

For our 2015 festival, we have worked hard to find a wide range of films that represent the broad spectrum of great film created in Japan. We have an exciting line-up of films this year; we invite you to enjoy yourselves and thank you for being part of this year’s festival.


The Grand Jury Prize is awarded to the feature selected as the best film among this year’s festival offerings. Films are reviewed by an Official Jury made up of film makers, film professionals, writers and educators. The winning film-maker is awarded with a certificate and a cash prize of 100,000 Japanese yen.

The Kobayashi Audience Choice Award is presented to the film chosen as the festival favorite by audiences based on ballots completed at the end of each screening.

The award is named in honour of Coby and Yone Kobayashi, a second-generation nikkei couple whose vision, generosity and tireless efforts over 50 years were essential to the creation and success of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. The Kobayashi Hall, in which this festival is held, is also named after Coby and Yone. Mr. and Mrs. Kobayashi’s community-mindedness and generosity of spirit supported and inspired the building of the Kobayashi Hall, the home of the Toronto Japanese Film Festival.

 トロント日本映画祭(トロントJFF)は今年で4回目を迎えます。 トロントJFFでは日本で観客や映画評論家から高い評価を得た作品、また海外の映画祭や日本アカデミー賞などで受賞するなど、話題の作品を上映します。殆どの作品は北米、カナダあるいはトロントプレミアとなります。トロントJFFでは、日本映画を皆様に紹介するだけではなく、作品を通して日本文化に触れ、それが友好を広げるきっかけになればと思っています。それはトロントJFFを主催する日系文化会館の使命とも重なります。会館創立52周年の今年、トロントJFFの売り上げの一部は会館のヘリテージプログラムの為に利用される予定です。




実際にご覧いただいた観客の投票により、最も評価を集めた作品を小林アワード(観客賞)として選出します。この賞は、日系2世の故コビー&ヨネ小林夫妻に ちなんで設けられました。小林夫妻はその生前50年以上の 間、トロントの日系コミュニティに深く貢献されました。特に資金面での貢献は多大なものがありますが、同 時に精神的なリーダー、またイベント時には自らボランティアとして活動するなど、日系文化会館の設立から、 活動、そして発展に尽力されました。トロント日本映画際の会場となるホールは、そのコビー&ヨネ小林夫 妻の名が冠され小林ホールと呼ばれています。