JCCC Monthly Film Screening

Every month, as part of our ongoing cultural programming, the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, screens Japanese films using state-of-the-art cinema facilities in the Kobayashi Hall. The Japanese Film Series is one of the most anticipated programs held by the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. It provides a place to explore and build upon the rich Japanese Canadian heritage and provides a forum to share that heritage with others.

The series includes a diverse offering of films including classics by Ozu and Kurosawa as well as contemporary hit films by Kitano Takeshi, Takashi Miike, Katsuhito Ishii and Hirokazu Koreeda and special screenings of Japanese films not theatrically released in Canada. As a result, JCCC film nights are entirely unique and rare opportunities for Canadians to experience the Japanese cinema that has been singled out for excellence by audiences, critics and the Japanese Academy Awards.

The screenings are hugely popular, regularly selling out the Kobayashi Hall. All films in Japanese language are shown with English subtitles.Programming partners in the JCCC Film Program include the Japan Foundation, The Association of Japanese Business and Commerce of Chicago and the Canadian Film Centre.

日本映画上映会プログラムについて:JCCCではカルチャープログラムのひとつとして、毎月日本の映画を上映しています。この上映会は毎回人気を博し、コミュニティ内で高い支持を得ている重要なプログラムです。上映される映画は、小津や黒澤などの 巨匠の作品から、北野武、三池崇史、是枝裕和などの現代日本を代表する監督の作品まで、ジャンルを問わ ず幅広く選出されています。特にカナダの劇場で未公開の作品を積極的に上映しています。日本で評判の映画をトロントでもお楽しみいただけます。毎回必ず英語字幕付で上映されるので、観客層も幅広く様 々です。

Upcoming Movies


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A Detective Conan Adventure!
This exciting installment in the wildly popular Case Closed animated film series finds high school detective Conan Edogawa in New York facing off against his arch nemesis, magician-thief The Kaitou Kid. A spectacular Van Gogh exhibition in a unique museum is the target and so begins a thrilling adventure for Conan and his friends Ran, Sonoko and Kogoro.

Voiced by Nana Eikura and Kappei Yamaguchi.

Saturday, May 30 @ 9am - Sunday, May 31 @ 9pm
Run Time: 112 min

In Japanese with English subtitles
Fee: $5.99

For more info, please see here.

名探偵コナン 業火の向日葵

Online Screening

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Toko was raised by her uncle in the Tohoku region and dreamed of becoming an actress. On the day of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami she was in Tokyo for a big audition and her ife is decimated. She returns to do volunteer work in Kasennuma as the area recovers. There, she meets Kiyotaka, a university student and volunteer. Amid the devastation and first glimmers of hope, a bond begins to form between them.

A rich, moving story of post 3.11 life starring Kasumi Arimura and Kentaro Sakaguchi

Thursday, March 19 @ 7pm / 135min
In Japanese with English subtitles

$10 JCCC Member
$12 General

劇場版 そして、生きる

Screening postponed until further notice

Samurai Marathon poster


Feudal lord Itakura Katsuakira holds a run across mountain roads to get his samurai warriors into shape. However, the Bakufu central government views it as a rebellion and dispatches assassins to the castle. Meanwhile, the domain accountant Karasawa Jinnai senses that something is amiss with the Bakufu. Facing impossible odds, a motley band of characters must run a race to win or die trying.

Thrilling jidaigeki action and a star studded cast including Takeru Satoh, Nana Komatsu, Mirai Moriyama, Shota Sometani, Hiroki Hasegawa, and Ryu Kohata.

Sunday, April 19 @ 3:30pm / 104min<./del>
In Japanese with English subtitles

JCCC Member: $10
General: $12


Screening postponed until futher notice