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(交響詩篇エウレカセブン ハイエボリューション1)


Date&Time: Sat. August 11 @ 4:30pm
Runtime: 93min / 2017
Director: Tomoki Kyoda, Hisatoshi Shimizu
Starring (voice): Yuko Sanpei, Kaori Nazuka, Koji Tsujitani
In Japanese with English subtitles

The revolutionary mecha anime from studio Bones returns for the first movie in a high-flying trilogy.

It all begins with the story that was left untold—the earth-shattering incident where Renton’s father disappeared. With the mysterious pilot Eureka by his side, only Adroc Thurston could undo his own mistake, sparking the event that changed everything and earned him the title of a hero. Now, ten years later, Eureka lies in critical condition as Renton leaves the crew of the Gekko. But when he finds himself in the care of his father’s old friends, he has a choice to make. Either stay with the loving family he’s always wanted, or earn the love he seeks.

Official Website and Trailer (In Japanese):

2005~06年にテレビ放送されたSFロボットアニメ「交響詩篇エウレカセブン」を新たによみがえらせた劇場版3部作「交響詩篇エウレカセブン ハイエボリューション」の第1部。テレビシリーズの物語を再構成し、新作映像と再撮影映像を交え、すべてのセリフも再構築。作中で何度か言及されてきた過去の大事件「ファースト・サマー・オブ・ラブ」を初めて映像化し、新たな物語を紡ぎ出す。


監督:京田知己、清水久敏  声の出演:三瓶由布子、名塚佳織、辻谷耕史、森川智之