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Sunday June 9 @ 7pm
Runtime: 111 min / 2018
Director: Jiro Shono
Starring:  Kyoko Koizumi, Atsuko Maeda, Erika Sawajiri, Alice Hirose, Charlotte Kate Fox, Yu Yamada
North American Premiere

Tonko Mochizuki is the owner of a second-hand Tokyo bookstore “Mochi no Ie” and also an essayist. Her customers include eight women each troubled in her own way; each trying to manage life in the big city, careers, dating, expectations and materialism. Through sharing delicious meals together with Tonko, these women find the answers to their questions and move ahead with their lives.

Mixing drama and comedy Taberu Onna is a celebration of female friendship and fine food based on Tomomi Tsutsui’s best-selling novels.

Official Website and Trailer (In Japanese):
You may purchase at Ticketweb, or at JCCC Reception, 416-441-2345.

筒井ともみの短編小説集「食べる女 決定版」の映画化。「食」と「性」をテーマに豪華女優陣が共演する。



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