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Manju on a plate


All workshops at the JCCC location have been suspended until further notice.

The ever-popular Manju (Japanese rice cake sweets) is back again!

Mr. Shoji is a self-taught hobby chef with a passion for Japanese sweets and homestyle cooking. Over time, he has built up quite a repertoire!

Introductory Manju Workshop
Learn to make Dorayaki (pancake manju), Ohagi (red bean paste covered sweet rice), Kinako Mochi (toasted soy bean flour covered sweet rice), Azuki (red beans) and Lima bean filling for Manju. See Mr. Shoji’s 10 minute Mochi Manju technique.

Advanced Manju Workshop
Learn to make Mushi Manju (steamed), Yaki Manju (baked) and next generation Mochi Manju. See Mr. Shoji’s 10-minute advanced Mochi Manju technique.

Prerequisite: Introductory Manju Workshop


* When registering, please inform us which date you wish to join.
* Please bring an apron. Each workshop consists of a combination of instruction, demonstration, tasting and cleanup.

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Please bring $10 to the instructor by cash on the day for materials.

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