JCCC is now open Mon - Sun, 10am - 5pm. For more information about JCCC's safety protocols, please click here.
*Annual Bazaar Postponed until 2023.


Bunka Shishu and Ikenobo Ikebana classes are open. Please see their page for detail and contact reception for registration.

Spring 2022

*There might be extra fee for material or textbook on top of the class fee listed below.

Class Level Start Date Time Fee
Bunka Shishu All Tue. Mar. 22 10:00am - 12:00pm $75 + HST for Adults
$50 + HST for Seniors
All Fri. Mar. 25 1:00 - 3:00pm
Chado Sun. May 15
1:00pm - 4:00pm All $126 + HST
including tea&sweets
Japanese Language Beg I
Tue. Apr. 19 7:00pm - 9:00pm $130 + HST
Textbook is extra
Beg I
Wed. Apr. 20 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Beg II/III (Online) Tue. Apr. 19 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Int I/II/III/Conv.
Thu. Apr. 21 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Ikenobo Ikebana All Wed. Mar. 23 7:30pm - 9:00pm $80 + HST
Materials are extra
All Thu. Mar. 24 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Sogetsu Ikebana Beg Sat. Apr. 30 10:30pm - 12:00pm $45 + HST
Materials are extra
Int/Adv Sat. Apr. 30 12:30pm-2:00pm