26 Sun
Jan 26 all-day
A Place Of Pride: Building the First Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, Raymond Moriyama Architect. In 1964, Toronto was a conservative administrative city. In 1964, there was exactly one Japanese restaurant in Toronto. In 1964, a[...]
S-20 and Nisei Veterans Reunion
S-20 and Nisei Veterans Reunion
Jan 26 all-day
S-20 and Nisei Veterans Reunion
S-20 and Nisei Veterans Reunion Displayed at Heritage Lounge Display Case Photographs, documents, and memorabilia from World War II are displayed in remembrance of the sacrifices of the Japanese Canadians veterans for the Canadian Army.[...]
Artsu Matsuri 2020
Artsu Matsuri 2020
Jan 26 all-day
Artsu Matsuri 2020
A celebration of art by Nikkei Community artists happens in winter for the first time! Artsu Matsuri is on until March 29, 2020 at the JCCC Gallery. Artist Walkabout and Presentations will take place on[...]
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11:00 am Oshogatsu Kai – New Years’s Festival 2020
Oshogatsu Kai – New Years’s Festival 2020
Jan 26 @ 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Oshogatsu Kai - New Years's Festival 2020
Japanese New Year’s Festival 2020 Let’s celebrate and have fun at JCCC New Year’s Festival, which kicks off with an exciting display of Taiko Drumming. You can also enjoy the Japanese traditional lion dance, Shrine[...]
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