Movie – Samurai Marathon – postponed

Posted on: February 12th, 2020
April 19, 2020 @ 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm

In accordance with Ontario public health directives concerning the COVID-19 crisis, the JCCC has had to temporarily close to the public. As it seems unlikely that things will have returned to normal by April 19, we will have to postpone our screenings of THE WONDERLAND and SAMURAI MARATHON but will reschedule them as soon as possible. All arrangements have been finalized with the distributors so the films are definitely coming. Please hold on to your tickets and watch our website or FB page for information on the new date.
Sorry for the inconvenience. Be well everyone.

-James Heron, Executive Director

Feudal lord Itakura Katsuakira holds a run across mountain roads to get his samurai warriors into shape. However, the Bakufu central government views it as a rebellion and dispatches assassins to the castle. Meanwhile, the domain accountant Karasawa Jinnai senses that something is amiss with the Bakufu. Facing impossible odds, a motley band of characters must run a race to win or die trying.

Thrilling jidaigeki action and a star studded cast including Takeru Satoh, Nana Komatsu, Mirai Moriyama, Shota Sometani, Hiroki Hasegawa, and Ryu Kohata.

Sunday April 19 @ 3:30pm  Postponed. Date TBA
Tickets (tax included):
$10 JCCC member

$12 General



ジェームズ・ヘロン, 館長




「超高速!参勤交代」の原作・脚本で知られる土橋章宏が、日本のマラソンの発祥と言われる史実「安政遠足(あんせいとおあし)」を題材に執筆した小説「幕末まらそん侍」を、主演の佐藤健をはじめ日本を代表する豪華キャストの共演で映画化。「ラストエンペラー」のジェレミー・トーマスと「おくりびと」の中沢敏明が企画・プロデュースを手がけ、監督を「キャンディマン」「パガニーニ 愛と狂気のヴァイオリニスト」のバーナード・ローズ、音楽を「めぐりあう時間たち」のフィリップ・グラス、衣装デザインを「乱」のワダエミが担当する。


監督: バーナード・ローズ