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Mitsuhito Shiraha


WHAT’S FOR DINNER, MOM?   (ママ、ごはんまだ?)


Runtime: 116 min / 2017
Director: Mitsuhito Shiraha
Starring: Haruka Kinami, Izumi Kujimoto, Michiko Kawai
North American Premiere

Two sisters Tae and Yo return home to their old house which is soon to be torn down. Clearing up the family mementos, Tae finds a red box full of recipes and letters written by their mother who died 20 years ago. In these recipes and letters, she finds out how her mother had struggled in her life due to relocation from Japan to Taiwan, the death of her Taiwanese husband, and a battle with cancer. Tae travels to Taiwan to trace her mother’s past, reminiscing about the dishes she made for the family.

Based on the essays by Tae Hitoto who was born and grew up in Taiwan and moved to Japan while a teenager, the film is a love-letter to mothers and great home cooking.


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監督:白羽弥仁  出演: 木南晴夏、藤本泉、河合美智子