August 10-12, 2018


The Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre and Toronto Japanese Film Festival are excited to announce this new festival featuring anime screenings, J-Rock concerts, cosplay fashion, panel discussions, a marketplace and game lounge. Oh, and lots of Japanese food. Admission to JCCC is free while screenings and concerts are ticketed. Please be warned that there is no ATM machine on site.



All films $10 with the exception of  SHIMAJIRO which is $5

From July 4th 2018, all tickets and passes can be purchased at JCCC reception or call (416) 441-2345 to purchase by Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Also, available online through Ticketweb.


JM Fest

Tickets and Passes to the JM Fest Talent Showcase; JM Artist Showcase (UMBRELLA concert) and JM Fest Kawaii Bass dance party with DJ Epikuro are available at JMFEST official web page.




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Anime Film Lineup 2018


Ninja Scroll (獣兵衛忍風帖)Haikara-san: Here Comes Miss Modern (劇場版 はいからさんが通る 前編  紅緒、花の17歳)Lu Over the Wall (夜明け告げるルーのうた)Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution (交響詩篇エウレカセブン ハイエボリューション1)Shimajiro and the Rainbow Oasis (しまじろう にじのオアシス)Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Reflection (魔法少女リリカルなのは Reflection)Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blossoms ( さよならの朝に約束の花をかざろう)

Ninja Scroll (獣兵衛忍風帖)

Date&Time: Fri. August 10 @ 9:30pm
Runtime: 97min / 1993
Director: Yoshiaki Kawajiri
Starring (voice): Koichi Yamadera, Emi Shinohara, Takeshi Aono

An anime classic back on the big screen. Set in feudal Japan, the film follows Jubei Kibagami, a mercenary swordsman who battles the Eight Devils of Kimon, a team of ninjas with supernatural powers who are intent on overthrowing the Tokugawa shogunate. When Jubei saves a young ninja woman from the unthinkable, he assumes that’s the end of it. To his surprise, it’s only just the beginning. Together, the two investigate the mysterious deaths of an entire village which uncovers a conspiracy of demonic proportions! Getting closer to the truth, the demonic forces will stop at nothing to silence Jubei and his companion for good!

Contains scenes of extreme violence and sexuality. Admission restricted to 18+

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Haikara-san: Here Comes Miss Modern (劇場版 はいからさんが通る 前編  紅緒、花の17歳)

Date&Time: Sat. August 11 @ 12:00pm
Runtime: 97min / 2017
Director: Kazuhiro Furuhashi
Starring (voice): Saori Hayami, Mamoru Miyano, Kazuya Nakai and Takahiro Sakurai

During the Taisho era of 1918, 17-year-old Benio Hanamura thrives on bucking tradition. As a boisterous and quarrelsome tomboy, Miss Hanamura leads a life of kendo and tree-climbing adventure with her best friends Tamaki and Ranmaru. Benio determines to find love on her own, though her family has other plans. Benio will encounter tests of love, independence, and friendship during wartime.

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Lu Over the Wall (夜明け告げるルーのうた)

Date&Time: Sat. August 11 @ 2:00pm
Runtime: 107min / 2017
Director: Masaaki Yuasa
Starring (voice): Kanon Tani, Shota Shimoda, Shinichi Shinohara
Canadian Premier

From visionary anime auteur Masaaki Yuasa comes a joyously hallucinogenic but family-friendly take on the classic fairy tale about a little mermaid who comes ashore to join a middle-school rock band and propel them to fame. Kai is talented but adrift, spending his days sulking in a small fishing village after his family moves from Tokyo. His only joy is uploading songs he writes to the internet. When his classmates invite him to play keyboard in their band, their practice sessions bring an unexpected guest: Lu, a young mermaid whose fins turn to feet when she hears the beats, and whose singing causes humans to compulsively dance – whether they want to or not.

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Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution (交響詩篇エウレカセブン ハイエボリューション1)

Date&Time: Sat. August 11 @ 4:30pm
Runtime: 93min / 2017
Director: Tomoki Kyoda, Hisatoshi Shimizu
Starring (voice): Yuko Sanpei, Kaori Nazuka, Koji Tsujitani

The revolutionary mecha anime from studio Bones returns for the first movie in a high-flying trilogy.
It all begins with the story that was left untold—the earth-shattering incident where Renton’s father disappeared. With the mysterious pilot Eureka by his side, only Adroc Thurston could undo his own mistake, sparking the event that changed everything and earned him the title of a hero. Now, ten years later, Eureka lies in critical condition as Renton leaves the crew of the Gekko. But when he finds himself in the care of his father’s old friends, he has a choice to make. Either stay with the loving family he’s always wanted, or earn the love he seeks.

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Shimajiro and the Rainbow Oasis (しまじろう にじのオアシス)

Date&Time: Sun. August 12 @ 12:00pm
Runtime: 60min / 2017
Director: Isamu Hirabayashi, Hiro Takashima


Shimajiro and his friends meet Coco, a girl who was separated from her mother during a severe sandstorm. They decide to help Coco find her mother, leaving Dr. Roarson behind to repair the Dig-Bug so they can all go home.

The film itself features a wide variety of entertainment, from sing-alongs to dance-alongs, puppet animation, and regular animation.

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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Reflection (魔法少女リリカルなのは  Reflection)

Date&Time: Sun. August 12 @ 2:00pm
Runtime: 107min / 2017
Takayuki Hamana
Starring (voice):
Yukari Tamura, Haruka Tomatsu, Satomi Sato, Kana Ueda

The story opens on Eltria, a planet quietly dying from ecological devastation. The Florian family stays on the planet in the hopes of restoring it. However, the father  collapses from an illness, and the family’s dream crumbles. Distraught, Kyrie endeavors to save her father and revive the planet, which means she must travel to a “different world, far away.” Amitie tries to stop her, but Kyrie ignores her sister’s warning and embarks on the journey with her best friend Iris. Their destination is Japan, a small island country on the planet known as “Earth.” Kyrie and Iris, looking for the key to revive their planet, visit three girls from Japan. Their encounter will be linked to the battle which will decide the fate of the two worlds and all who inhabit them.

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Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms (さよならの朝に約束の花をかざろう)

Date&Time: Sun. August 12 @ 4:00pm
Runtime: 115min / 2018
Director: Mari Okada
Starring (voice): Manaka Iwami, Yūki Kaji, Tomokazu Sugita

The people of Iorph live far away from the lands of men, weaving the happenings of each day into a fabric called Hibiol. They live for centuries while maintaining their youthful appearance. Maquia, an orphaned girl, lives in an oasis surrounded by friends, yet somehow feels “alone”. But the tranquil lives of the Iorph are shattered when the Mezarte army invades their territory. Maquia manages to escape, but loses her friends and her home in the chaos. She then encounters an orphaned baby who is “alone”, and raises this boy “Ariel”. But as the era changes, the bond between them changes too, amidst a backdrop of racial tensions between the Iorph and the Mezarte.

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