Haru Matsuri – Spring Festival 2018

Posted on: November 6th, 2017
March 3, 2018 – March 4, 2018 all-day

Spring Festival/HARU MATSURI 2018

Date:  Saturday March 3 and Sunday March 4, 2018
Family $16 (Max. 2 adults/2 youth),
Adults $7,
Children (5 – 16 yrs) $5,
Seniors (over 65) $5,
JCCC Members and Under 5 yrs FREE

The JCCC will be opening their doors to everyone as they celebrate a weekend filled with activities, entertainment and exhibits all associated with the many festivals celebrated across Japan in the Spring!!

Spring Festival/ Haru Matsuri will also include Japanese arts and crafts demonstrations such as Ikebana (flower arranging), Bunka Shishu (embroidery),  Sumi-e (brush painting), and Chado (tea ceremony).

The JCCC’s martial artists will demonstrate the techniques of “The Way of the Warrior” through Aikido, Karate, Judo, Jodo, Iaido, Naginata, Kyudo and Kendo.

For entertainment, there will be odori (traditional Japanese dancing) by JCCC traditional dance groups Ayame-Kai, Himawari Buyo Kai and Sakura-Kai, Koto and Shamisen by the Kiri Koto Ensemble and Taiko (Japanese drumming).  Japanese cuisine will also be available in the food court.
There will be special Rakugo Perfomance by Tozaburo Yanagiya from Japan, and Ninja presentation with a stunt-woman Chihiro Tanaka.
Please click the images below to see tentative schedule.  The program subject to change.

As always, the JCCC entrance will feature an elaborate display of Hina Matsuri Dolls.  For a small fee visitors can have the opportunity to dress in traditional costume then head on over to the display to take their own photos.

Gather your family and friends and come to the JCCC, and join us as we celebrate the arrival of Spring!

For further information, please contact the JCCC at 416 441 2345.


今年はスペシャルパフォーマンスとして、日本から落語家の柳家東三楼をお迎えし独演会を、そしてスタントの田中千尋さんによる忍者プレゼンテーションが開催されます。 下記のイメージから仮スケジュールをご覧いただけます。プログラムは変更の可能性があることをご了承ください。